Friday, December 2, 2011

Don't turn your own home to inferno

Under the hue & cry over the Magrahat firing several sensible questions are intentionally subdued, by our politicos, top brass of administration & the human rights folks:

1.Even if it's presumed that those "villagers" had applied for electric connection and yet didn't get it ( which the politicos are stressing much ), does it simply give them license to hook the cables?

2.If such naturalisation of criminal activities into the mainstream of society are so openly admitted, does not it state the poor state of our society only and further encourage people to contribute to its aggravation rather than motivating them to improve it? Acknowledging inadequacies and giving legitimacy to do anything to adjust that inadequacy are two different things after all.Accepting the need of a public toilet in a locality and allowing people to urinate in public on that ground are not the same things.Better societies have worked on it, we legitimised urinating, and the result is there.Better societies are better societies and we, simply us.

3.Why the case of police firing is being muddled with the case of electricity? If the villagers really applied for electricity and didn't get it for no faults of theirs, then it must be found out whose fault was there. But, why targeting the police?The cops after all didn't initiate the operation against power stealth, the electricity department initiated it.The cops simply went there as third party agents, to provide security to govt. officials..If they failed to protect them, who would bear the responsibility?

4.And though Mamata's heart evidently cries for those villagers, the cops may ask her how to understand that a mob that hurl bricks and bombs to govt. officials including cops are actually naive villagers, her brothers & sisters.

5.And while an enquiry should be made to check whether there was any fault on the part of electricity officials for absence of electricity in those villages for so long, Mamata must also answer what she implied when she said they should avoid excess.Excess?! when the company ails under finacial burden and she doesn't allow them to enhance tariff and herself suggested to take steps against illegal connections and stealth. How to achieve that? She says in humane way, by convincing the people.Convincing the madcaps of Magrahat? ....well perhaps the govt. officials should fast on Id from now on, as she has started to do recently.

One just wishes that Mamata overcomes her utopian ambitions.Or else one sees a future, maladministered ( administration-less actually) and chaotic, to collapse on these very people of power; by then perhaps their own authority will loose legitimacy, so will the agencies supposed to protect them; Better not to turn you own home to inferno.

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