Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Pink Brief Campaign and Beyond

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This article refers to the news of The Pink Brief Campaign and the kind of response it has managed to formulate. It is still a long way to state whether this movement will be able to attain the magnitude like The Bra Burning Movement and assert its impact on the issues of Indian women’s liberty in the same way or whether the pubgoing activity of some urban women can alone assure the liberation of women in an underdeveloped country like ours, where the society is plagued with diverse problems, complex and composite in nature. Mr. Mutalik rightly says that all these issues need to be debated ideologically and theoretically.But, this should be equally applicable to determine the standards of ideal Indian society, culture and the ideal Indian woman. Did his boys care to listen to the voice and logic of the other end in Mangalore? Launching direct action on one day and talking about dialogues on the very next day, when faced by direct resistance from the other side, only depicts his duality.

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